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Is Your Property Grounded?

Find out which grounding system is right for your commercial project in Oklahoma!

When it comes to lightning protection, all systems have one thing in common - they must be grounded. A grounding system is a series of wires or loops that are connected to rods in the ground. This system sends any electric current into the ground so it does not strike flammable materials or electronics. Intercept Lightning Protection LLC performs grounding rod installation throughout the Noble, Norman & Oklahoma City, OK area.

Find out what kind of grounding system is right for your next commercial or electrical project when you called 405-535-1544 now.

We have many options to safely ground your home

There are several options when it comes to choosing a grounding system. The experts at Intercept Lightning Protection will decide which system is right for your property. Some of our more common grounding systems include:

  • Ground counterpoises
  • Ground loops
  • Cadweld connections
  • Ground bars

Our crew has years of experience installing the best lightning protection systems available. Let us handle your grounding rod installation in Noble, Norman & Oklahoma City, OK.

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