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Over 8 million lightning strikes occur every day throughout the world. Unavoidably, a portion of these lightning strikes hit residential or commercial buildings. A lightning protection system is designed to intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike safely to the ground.

Intercept Lightning Protection LLC offers lightning protection services throughout the Noble, Norman, Oklahoma City, OK area and beyond. Our services are available throughout the entire state. A grounding system like ours can save both properties and people from dangerous lightning strikes.

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What is a lightning protection system?

Did you know that lightning does not have to directly strike your property to cause severe damage? If it strikes anything in the vicinity, the surge of power can spread, causing fires or injuries. The best way to prevent this is with a commercial or residential lightning protection system.

A standard lightning protection system includes:

  • Air terminals: Also called lightning rods, they are designed to receive a direct lightning strike
  • Conductors: These are routed to the grounding electrode system along the least resistant path
  • A grounding electrode system: This system safely disperses the charge into the ground
  • Bonding: This prevents side flashes and protects utilities
  • Surge protection: This prevents surges in voltage from destroying your electrical system

A complete grounding system can provide residential or commercial lightning protection. Ask about our systems when you talk to your local lightning protection installer in Noble, Norman & Oklahoma City, OK.

Don't let just anyone install your lightning protection system

When it comes to lightning protection services, Intercept Lightning Protection is the place to find a local expert. We have the experience needed to install systems for both home and businesses. We're also fully insured, and we employ certified LPI master installers. Our crew will make sure that your system is effective and meets the latest safety codes and requirements.

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